Enjoy Recreational Relaxation in Beverly

Dixon Hills is a campground and RV park ready to welcome you. We are located on Dixon Hollow Road just around the bend from Muskingum River.  Situated close to the quaint little village of Beverly, we pride ourselves on offering serene relaxation spots with outdoor and indoor activities. Book a mini vacation with your family or friends and enjoy yourself under the stars, surrounded by breathtaking views. Spend your morning fishing, come for a short stay or stay overnight; we have various activities to keep you engaged. Our campground and RV park is designed to provide ultimate comfort away from home.

Relaxing Accommodation For Everyone

Surrounded by beautiful views and adventure all around, book yourself the ultimate relaxing vacation with us. We have an array of accommodations to suit all travel styles. Whether you like being cozy in a cabin or you would like to enjoy the wilderness at a campsite, we offer plenty of options. You can book a cabin, an RV site, or a campsite and can easily customize the length of your stay. We also offer a shelter rentals, RV, storage stage, rental, and a RV dump service. You can book your stay with us conveniently and enjoy our expansive grounds with various activities to keep you engaged. Relax, surrounded by nature. Find a home away from home at Dixon Hills.

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Wildnerness That Calms You

Dixon Hills spreads over 25 acres of land boasting lakes, event sites, picnic areas, and shelters, among other attractions. If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love staying with us any time of the year. The widespread grounds covered in green and deep blue lakes are just the perfect escape from your everyday life shenanigans. Taking a break surrounded by a perfect blend of nature and outdoor activities will calm you and allow you to relax. There is no better activity to refresh your mind than to enjoy the outdoors; at Dixon Hills, we take care of that.

Why Choose Dixon Hills?

Beautiful surroundings

We’re located near the lively little village of Beverly in Ohio and offer you your next getaway vacation in beautiful and serene surroundings.

A wide array of activities

At Dixon Hills, you can enjoy a wide range of activities, including fishing, arts and crafts, relaxing walks, and board games. Your small dogs can enjoy dog parks as well.

Economical prices

We keep your interests at the forefront of all our services. Our accommodations are reasonably priced to let you enjoy your stay without worry.

Your Home Away From Home

Dixon Hills offers you a wide range of options for your accommodation, whether you would like to stay one night or one month. You’re welcome to stay with us during the week as well. Rest assured, your comfort is our topmost priority. Our single or double cabins are perfect for weekend and romantic getaways, or family vacations. Our accommodations are well-maintained and well-stocked, allowing you the same comfort you feel at home. Enjoy the long winter nights around campfires and plan your picnic near the lake. Our RV park has wide-ranging facilities that make you feel at ease. From our nearby general store, you can buy all the snacks and other necessities to extend your stay, access the internet to stay connected with your loved ones; let the children play at the playground, and your furry children in the small dog parks but what happens when they get dirty? You simply wash the garments in our laundry facility. That’s not all, there is a lot more to explore on our well-kept grounds!


Beautiful Surroundings That Rejuvenate

Enjoy long walks on our expansive grounds, have a picnic along the lake, and disconnect from your busy life for as long as you want. Dixon Hills is the perfect getaway retreat to help you refresh.


Customer Reviews

I am glad that I booked our mini getaway with Dixon Hills. It was a great experience, and we were truly refreshed after our mini vacation. We chose a single cabin that was quite neat and well-kept. We were able to purchase most items of need from the general store, and my wife and kids also had a great time.

Someone talked about their experience at Dixon Hills, and we chose the place for our wedding anniversary. We just wanted to escape somewhere for a few days, and we’re glad we chose this retreat. There were many activities to keep us engaged. I will definitely recommend Dixon Hills to others.

We booked our stay at Dixon Hills to celebrate our kid’s birthdays. We are a family of seven, and I must say that we had the best time together. The kids could play on the grounds, and there is a dog park as well. We went on hikes and kept ourselves busy with games. It proved to be a good time for everyone and helped us relax.